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Default Re: Portage on Slackware

Originally Posted by Kasabian
Yay! It worked! Thanks, man. I attempted to install Kororaa but it wouldn't boot. Probably something to do with my Celeron. It's pretty innovative to have Xgl in a LiveCD.
Good to hear it worked.

Should work with a Celeron just fine. Supposedly anything that has SSE, which a Celeron would.

It has more to do with the Video card.

I had issues getting it to boot for a while. I'm not sure why. But, it wouldn't boot on my Desktop with an X800 video card. It would with a Radeon 9600 in my Laptop though.

I have XGL working on Ubuntu now, so I don't need Kororaa. Sure I had it set up to I could install programs fairly easily, but I still like Debian's package manager better.

- Bill
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