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Default Re: One-upped my friend.

OK. Well My friend kinda did this to me at first. Except im a girl and she went out w. my ex-boyfriend. I was ok w. it at first but then i just kinda got a little depressed i guess. I never got mad, but i was more disappointed then anything. I never though they would do that to me. And she didnt really ask me if it was ok that she went out w. him? did u ask ur friend? Well wen they were goin out she asked me if i was alright w. it i sed it was ok but then i relized that i didnt really want them to go out and "ya know"..Im over it now and weve all moved on. but ill never forget the day i heard they made-out and i only got one little kiss from him wen we went out b4.
Ur friends prob just really really jealous that u got more action then he did. lol. but anyways he will get over it and duh! hes gonna move on. so dont get all sad about it. and relax and enjoy ur time w. her. and maybe u could help him find another girl so hes not thinking about u n his ex...
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