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Default One-upped my friend.

Ok, I broke EVERY rule of dating your friend's ex now. I feel terrible, but hey, I was the better man.

Story is this: I just recently got together with my friend's ex-girlfriend, he dated her a week, I've been with her... maybe about a week now. First thing is: I have dated this man's ex-girlfriend, rule break 1.

Second, this girl is really (was...) closed in. 17, never been kissed, virgin, etc. whole deal, innocent as anything, and I love it. Anyway, my friend NEVER kissed her... in his whole week of dating her. HOWEVER, date 2 for me, I did make out with her. Second thing is: Gotten further with man's ex-girlfriend, rule break numbers 2-9.

He's recently discovered this and is boiling with jealousy. He is trying to rationalize it by saying he got her ready for me, etc... but I am laughing really hard at the situation. I feel so terrible... but is it so bad to be... good?

I don't think so... you can all weigh in, but I still think this is comical and almost embarrassing. I feel like such a jerk, and yet I feel oh so accomplished. What a weird night... what a weird relationship.

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