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Your feelings of discontent are brought on under false pretenses.
The depression you feel is actually a hormonal imbalance that has nothing to do with serotonin or neurotransmitters.
Instead it is caused by the hormonal imblanence of puberty.
And while this is just as real and painful has the common imbalance of depression.
It is not the same.
Your changing and going threw a troubled mental state.
And it is normal for you to conform to what you see as an escape.
But conforming to self mutilation because of its popularity is not going to help you deal.
It will pull you into a deeper rabbit hole.
and that’s not what you need.
You need to realize and understand that while cutting seems to be a way to deal.
It is immature, stupid, rash, reckless, ignorant.
You need to take a look at your own life, and be happy that you don’t live in an awful situation.
I’m sorry that you have delved deep enough to cut or consider cutting.
But maybe take my hand, and I can help you out of your rut.
Because I wouldn’t talk to you, if I didn’t care that you were cutting.

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