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The problem is, she lives half an hour away, and they only have one car. If they do something, the whole family goes, they're all nice, but I can't really figure out how to spend some time alone with her, the only time I really see her is at school, and thats not very often, and she's going to high school next year.....although she's remaining in home school, and will probably be there anyway....damnit Rose why does it have to be so difficult, lol. I dunno, myabe when they have some sort of meeting at the school or something my mom could take us down to the mall and we could catch a movie. Its liek half an hour to there too, so we probably wouldn't be able to be alone, but at least we could go together somewhere. I'll see if I can get he courage and figure out a schedule for it, oh well. Oh wait, neither of us have school on wednesday, but her little sister does, so they have to come to town, maybe then.....that'll only work this year, but damnit ill take it. Sorry for blabbing, but it helps me to just talk about it.
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