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Default Re: girlfriend problem

Originally Posted by Brett
she says she chose him over me this time, because he still wants her...
I dont understand what youre saying
She chose him? but i thought you guys were together? and...umm..Im confused!

Originally Posted by Brett
she still says "i love you" to him when they hang up the phone and it gets me pissed. PLEASE HELP!!!
Have you asked her about that?
I know there are many different ways in which you can love someone, especially as a friend, but its important that her ex realises what she means when she tells him that. There is a good chance that he may be wrongly presuming that when she tells him she loves him, that it is more than jsut as a friend...
I think you need to talk to her some more.
Dont get mad about it, just calmly explain to her how youre feeling.

Can I you trust her?
You dont have to answer if you dont want to, of course.

I hope things work out alright!

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