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Originally Posted by Rent-2-Pwn
Your almost right kiros, a P4 currently holds the OC record at some 7ghz using a triple cascade phase change cooling keeping it in the -100F's.
Over clocking maybe (can you give a link perhaps?)... But AMDs come under clocked from the start, so just getting the FX-60 up to a normal speed would probably put the overall performance over 7GHz. Over volting and over clocking the FX-60 to it's max (understandably), then I'm sure that the AMD would perhaps over-shoot a theortical 10GHz processor!

By the way, I'd just like to note that for that amazing 7GHz, that was the absolute highest a P4 could over clock to. The AMD FX-60 performs as a 6.0GHz, making it slightly less powerful while stock (severly under) clocked.

Intel has nothing on AMD

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