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It really depends on which processor you talk about. I had a P4 1.8GHz, and a Celeron 2.2GHz. The P4 would beat the crap out of the Celeron everytime. Actually, I traded someone the Celeron for the P4.

I bought my Laptop in April 2005, which is a AMD 64 3400+ (2.2Ghz) and it's really nice. The only problem is that I couldn't compare it with my P4 very well because of the HDD speed differences (Desktop 7200RPM, laptop 4200).

I bought a different Desktop last october, which I love. It's a AMD 64 X2 3800+ (2.0Ghz) and it kicks the crap out of any computer I've ever used. Last I checked, it's also cheaper then the Intel's closest Dual Core match. The X2 even runs really cool, usually in the mid 30's (celcius) with the stock cooler.

All my main computers are AMD's now, the only one I have that isn't is my server, which I'm not using at all right now, but it's my old P4.

I wouldn't buy another intel for my next computer. My AMD's have been too nice for that.

- Bill
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