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Default Re: Portage on Slackware

I've never used Slackware, or tried this, but I did some looking around and found something that's supposed to be a port of Gentoo's Portage for Slackware. I can't tell you how good it works, or even if it works, as I haven't tried it. But, here you go:

Oh, there's a post about it here:

Which looks like it has a script that will install it for you.

Debian's apt-get is fun though I had Kororaa installed a little while back (Based on Gentoo) and used the Emerge utility. It was okay, but it took forever to update the repository. I managed to find a Gtk frontend for emerge though, so at least I didn't have to mess with Command line if I didn't want to.

I like the new Autopackage thing though. The only bad thing I've seen about it is that not too many programs are being packaged that way yet.

- Bill
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