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Default Re: Cutter how should i tell

anybody who openly posts in a calender the days they cut are just begging for attention.
"look at me"
"look how sad I am"
cutting is a fad these days.
no, I don't feel sorry for you, nor do I feel sorry for the "depressed" teenager.
all teenagers well go threw a period of 'depression'
and its nothing.
it means nothing.
its just what happens.
some people can handle it.
some people can't
If I didnt care, I wouldnt say anything.
you need to reolize how stupid cutting is.
and then maybe you will but the razor down and say "i'm fucking retarded for doing that"
cutting IS seriously retarded.
you know how I could tell the people who cut because they had problems, from those who cut for the attention.
some would hide it, and others would use it as a weapon.
you say something offensive, or they break up with a significant other and bam, its "I'm gonna go home and cut myself" (not literal words)
good god, why don't you adverstise to the entire world that your only problem is acceptence to your friends.
if your going to let what a 13/14/15 year old says get to you.
then you are weak.
you are a fool.
you need to get a reality cheak, what they say has no relevence.
they are not gods.
they don't see the error of there ways.
and here, a site you have come to for refuge, where people try to help you..........
you shun us, and defend your cutting.
I thought you wanted to stop.
but you don't.
because you don't actually have a reason.
you just think you do.

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