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Default Re: Cutter how should i tell

Originally Posted by koler
i've had friends that were cutters.
I don't talk to them anymore.
why not?
because all the do is complain.
they complain about there awful lives and how they have no friends.
well shit, talk about something else and maybe you would have more friends.
and no its not hard at all.
just get in threw your head that it means nothing.
it helps nothing
and its really immature and FUCKING STUPID to do
then maybe you will quit your ridiculas obsession.
That just shows what a great friend you are. Fucking hell. How the hell can you sit there and say "Oh its not that hard" when you havent personally been through it. You can't always judge things objectively from the other side of the fence.
Self harm is never a good thing but it serves as an outlet for those who havent discovered one yet. It is not immature.
Would you go up to a depressive and tell them to "Just get over it" or go to a manic depressive and tell them to cheer up or quieten down depending on their mood? Or tell an anorexic to "Just fucking eat something" or tell a schizophrenic to stop fliping out because of their hallucinations? The answer is no. So dont say it to self harmers.

Anyway, back to girl wrestler's problem. He's probably just having some difficulty accepting that this is what you are doing to yourself. I confided in my tutor whom I was really close to and he tried his best to help me. That doesn't mean we didnt have our conflicts or anything though.

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