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Originally Posted by basketballkid92
I'm not taking it personally, the truth is I could care less about you political views. Second of all just becuase I think you are something does it make you something????
Yes it does, you should look into communism theroy if you have not already- independently don't ask others opinion on it, seek the facts.

Right Speech, Right Conduct and Right View is the reason I took on defending communism because I saw people bashing the past communism and saying it represents all communism, which it should not represent modern non-dictatorship communism (which has never been practised), its like saying it can only be dictatorship- Stalin was evil he made it a dictatorship.
Also I never said I agreed with dictatorship communism the murder and violence it all evil.
Just because a communist party has just been a dictatorship to date, does not mean it can not be a democracy anymore (most communist parties today are not dictatorships- well its not in there policies- i looked into UK communist parities there not a dictatorship) - Stalin helped set up all the communist parties around the world (most of them) so its all his fault.
I'm defending true communism which is nothing to do with Stalinism ,they should not be have to put up with people judging them because of the past, are all Germans Nazis?

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