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Originally Posted by georgiamay View Post
2) If you have heard of Karl Marx, you will know what i mean when i say that i believe religion is the opiet of the oppressed, which was what he said.
You have to understand the context Marx was using when he said this. In his analysis of religion, much of it was aimed directly at Christianity, which is merely one religion but does not stand for all religions. So if you accept what Marx says, then it's best to accept it when aimed only at Christianity because outside of that, he said little to nothing religious-wise. Some of his views regarding religion, materialism and economics or capitalism are somewhat incorrect because he believed religion was determined by materialism and economics. This is a false notion. Lastly, since Marx viewed society from an economic paradigm mostly and not by any others, if he made an error here, then anything else down the road would be erroreous also (i.e. analysis on religion).

Marx's analysis on religion

Problems with Marx's anaylsis on religion

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