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Default Re: Post your desktop screenshot!

Originally Posted by Blahages
Wrong again? This is the first time. And, technically I'm not wrong. I didn't say it was an emulator. I said that it's basically an emulator. I realize it's not an emulator. I've known that for a while. But, that's basically what it is.

"Emulator: To imitate the function of (another system), as by modifications to hardware or software that allow the imitating system to accept the same data, execute the same programs, and achieve the same results as the imitated system."

It's a compatibility layer ontop of Linux that allows for Windows-based applications to be run. Seems to me that in some sense qualifies the definition.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter. The point I was making was that it's something that allows you to make use of certain applications that were written for windows on a linux system.

Who cares about technicalities.

Haha. What's so good about Suse? I've used Suse. It sucks. Not entirely, because it's better then some dists, but [K]Ubuntu is a lot better in my opinion. And, what are you on about with me using Gnome? First off, I've used KDE all the time up until a few days ago, and I'd prefer to use KDE in some situations. Second, KDE uses more system resources. With a normal Gnome session, with nothing else loaded, I had like 130 meg free of ram (out of 512) when I checked it yesterday. Compare that to 5 meg free with KDE.

The main reason I'm using Gnome is because I want to use XGL and Compiz. And, it works with Gnome. That's why. I've tried it with Kde, and it just gives me fatal errors. I don't feel like messing with it right now.

Your desktop is way too plain. You all the default settings on your Suse. The only thing I can see that's different is you've changed the background. Granted, I didn't change the icons on mine, but they're really good on the latest Drapper beta. So, I haven't changed them.

I used Suse for a few months on my laptop. Suse 10.0. One of the first things I did with it, was run the System update thingy. It gave me a list of updates available, and I let it update itself. When it was finished, I rebooted and half the things didn't work. I managed to get into KDE, (I think, I'm not sure though, I've installed it too many times) and all (or at least most all) the packages it had updated/installed, it failed to install the dependencies for. So, nothing was right.

Debian's Apt-get utility is a lot better then Suse's Yast anyway. Installs all the dependencies, and everything. Much simplier.

And, as for Slackware. I haven't tried it yet, but what's so good about it? For the most part, Linux is Linux. You can customize one distribution to be just as good as another. If I had a fast connection I'd have tried it by now. I've tried most every other major dist so far.

I tried Slax, which is based off Slackware, and it's not that much different from what I'm using. Main difference I see is that you have to install everything from source. And, it's not like I couldn't do it on here. And, have. It's pretty much worthless to do it anyway, if there's precompiled packages that I can just install easily with one quick click then having to install all the things needed for making the files, like gcc, make, etc. I have all those installed, but it's still easier to use one command then ./configure, make, and sudo make install.

You need to update your Suse anyway . At least when I had Suse 10 installed, I had everything updated.

Since you like KDE so much, I'll give you a screenshot of my Kubuntu Desktop when I had KDE installed a little while ago:

Here's my Suse 10.0 with KDE 3.5 from a few months ago:

For the record I was just having a laugh. Sorry if I pissed you off.
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