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Originally Posted by Deschain View Post
Until a counter point is raised, no, it's not actually.
its always valid until you have FACTUAL evidence that says he is WRONG which you don't, you have an oppossing veiw of this matter.

Originally Posted by Deschain View Post
Teenagers seem to have this misconception that all ideas are of equal value. They're not. While they may both be opinions, one is more logical, reasonable, and backed up than the other- Therefore right. Why would anyone hold an opinion they didn't feel was right? If you just want to say "that's your opinion" to everything, then why have a debate forum in the first place?
your argument may be more backed up than and logical than his, but that does not make it right, just more plausable. and his argument is not made invalid just because you have an argument that is more backed up than his, yours is just more beleivable, but you cant say it is right just because it is more beleivable. I'm not saying that you can't debate things and try to prove your opinion is right, what i am saying is that you can't say that someone's argument is invalid, unless it is factually wrong. Karma is impossible to prove either right or wrong, so if someone says its real, it cannot be invalid, if someone says it is no real, it also cannot be invalid.

i'm not saying you cant try to prove others wrong in debates, i'm saying that you cannot say that someone's opinion is invalid just because you do not agree.
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