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Originally Posted by Marcie View Post
Ahh, well even with chemical reactions, how could that create something as complicated as the human eye. And how could it make everything work together to replenish resources? That seem like an awful lot of cooperation between reactions..
There are various physiological evolutionary changes that occurred to produce the human eye as we know it today. The chemical interactions, assuming the same chemicals, interact the same way. Amino acids through modern-day experiments on chemical evolution, as seen by the Miller-Urey experiment. However, there is also evolution at the molecular level and this is where many of the changes occur even if they cannot yet be seen at the superficial level. To understand the evolution of the eye completely, you need to have enough knowledge of molecular biology, evolution and physiology. It's far too detailed and long for me to begin to explain here so if you want the answer, I suggest looking it up online. However, from the way you're asking me, I'm uncertain if you have studied these areas and so your questions may be asking not about the details but rather how the more basic concepts work. I'll wait for your answer to find out which.

Originally Posted by DaTrooper00
Whenever said chemical evolution happened, it wasn't humans or anything. It was basic life, but I don't know enough about said topic, so I shall stop speaking and let INFERNO talk about it since I'm pretty sure he knows about said topic a lot better, lol.
Thank you for the compliment. BTW, I was the one who mentioned chemical evolution to Marcie

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