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Default Mastubation Questions

Alright, so i made a post before about how i was scared to cum...and i dont know.....When I came...It just felt like something was coming out and then i saw it come out....but It was also my first time so...I thought I orgasmed...but everyone says its like the best feeling on earth...It really wsnt amazing, I vaguely remember what it even felt like

I guess kind of what im askin, can u cum without orgasm?

Also I was very tense because i had never had an orgasm... so i was kind of scared of what it was going to feel like, and then after i jizzed, i kind of got u think its because i wasnt relaxed, and i kind of held it in?

Lie it waslike when u have to hold it in wen u gotta was like that except a bunch came out....but im prettysure therewasmore, that i just didnt let out.
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