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Originally Posted by Dreamer - X View Post
You mention reptiles and mention amphibian. What about fish? They have two chambers and only unoxygenated blood flows through it once per circulation.
True but I wasn't planning to give a lecture-long post so I made it as brief as possible, which inevitably means not making it very detailed. That, and if it is more detailed, I figured it may be a waste of time posting as many may not understand what I'm saying and simply ignore it.

Originally Posted by Dreamer - X View Post
Is this thread about biology?
No but the person's post whom I was responding to involved biology.

Originally Posted by Marcie View Post
Yes, I do think that 'things,' for lack of a better word, could have slowly 'evolved' over time. However, how did they start? You agreed that a freak accident wasn't very plausible, how do you think life started? Or do you believe life has always been?
Evolution has nothing to do with the origin of life. To me, on Earth at least, it started out from "chemical evolution". That is not a freak accident because there are chemical interactions occurring. How those got on Earth, or rather how the universe began is a whole other can of worms that I really don't know a whole lot about.

Originally Posted by Marcie View Post
What I can say is this:
God said in John 14:21, hehe it worked (The quoting God thing)

Is that passage Jesus tells us that, once we believe in Him, he will reveal His presence to us. Therefore, those of us who are Christians would be able to sense Him around us more easily, while those who aren't would have a much more difficult time feeling Him.
The beauty of the passage, John 14:21 that you're mentioning is that it doesn't matter if one is a believer or not, it implies god exists regardless. It says god is present, if you can detect him or not is another story but he exists anyway. However, I can return to the psychological argument I posed in that as you stated yourself, you cannot rule that argument out and so I can apply that to your biblical quote by saying if you believe hard enough in something, you'll eventually think it's there even if it isn't. In other words, placebo effect. This brings us back to where we started before when I initially stated my psychological argument so by posting your biblical quote, it's done nothing.

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