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Originally Posted by rEpReSsIoN.?
I stand up for things which people are just poking at wihout understanding it properly and are just seeing a one sided point of view e.g. saying communism can not be a democracy, and i said 'Communism is crap...only because it only did'nt work first time i blame stalin' it was all because of stalin that people will never vote it into goverment. I think communism i great idea but i would never vote for it because the uk has bad communist party policies and they are too small.
have you read any single post that was made at the start of this tread...........
you have no idea dude.

the following are statements made by me at the start of this tread:

well then you don't understand communism.
its based on fairness.
thats what its all about.
its completly equal.
Dictatorships are completly unequal,

communism is a form of government in which everybody owns everthing.
all property is shared by the people.
all food is rationed evenly thouout the country.
its self sustaining.
everyone reaps the benifits.
everyone works for the benifits.
everyone is equal.
nobody is rich.
nobody is poor.
nobody is denied there fundemenal communist rights.
stop saying its not fair.
it is the apidimy of fair.

when put into effect it is fair.
it worked just like they said it would.
they don't have variety.
but fairness is all they had.

Dude I want you to have an opionion.
I understand what your saying.
but you have to reolize your choice of words here.
is communism right? no
is communism good? no
but is communism fair? yes it is
Lets take a look at what Marx, the founder of communism was trying to do.

In our society there are three classes.
the upper class, the middle class, and the lower class.
the lower class take the janitor jobs, the waiters, the bus boys, the fruit pickers(?) and the hard, nobody else wants it jobs.
the middle class takes the factory jobs, the truckers, the plumbers, the nurses, the capenters, the machanics.
the upper class are the bosses, the Dr's, the CEO's, the chairmen, the big bucks, big business jobs.

this economy commenly fournd in democratic societies, has been shown the be the most sucessful.
but before democrlocy there was the monarch, the dictator.
and there were only the rich.
and the poor.
democrocy is one, very good way to balence the economy.

communism wasnt developed by a bad person.
it wasnt created to enslave people and it wasnt created to hurt people, allthough the outcome did cause very bad effects.
communism was created to bring all people to one level.
it was created so that everyone was one class and everyone shared everything.
the food that everyone produced was to be distriputed evenly threwout the land.
the goods everyone made were to be distribted evenly threwout the land.
all the people worked for a central government.
and, in theory, it was good, equal, fair.

When the USSR adopted communism, and the years passed, democratic nations saw the horror of communism.
while democrocies targeted freedom for the individual.
communisits had no individuality.
the people were all fair and equal yes, but a the cost of there soul.
they worked laboriously and got little for themselves.
communism spread across asia and to other small countries across the glob.
the United states and other democratic nations, saw that communism was a threat to there own people,
and today, communism is a very controlled and untreatening thing.

china, north korea, cuba, and a few lesser known countries still pratice this forum of government.
but its much more laxed, even though it still should be brought down, and the world should be made democratic, we have to give these countries time to evolve.
given time, they will become more democratic.

is communism right? no
is communism good? no
but is communism fair? yes it is
but maybe in being fair, it strips us of our very right to be what we want to be.
it takes our freedom of choice.
and that, that is why you don't think its fair.
but in essence, its not right, but it is fair.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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