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Originally Posted by Marcie View Post
Just looking at everything around you, how it all works together to replenish the atmosphere, and how complicated everything is, especially the human eye. There's no way all that was made by some freak accident.
It's certainly quite possible things could gradually change over time. Take an example of the human heart, it has 2 atria and 2 ventricles. In other organisms, such as within Crocodilia, there is "incomplete separation" because of their unique abilities within water. If we look at other organisms still, such as salamanders, the atria are not separated but ventricles are. Still in others, neither are separated and if we look at even more, there are none of these yet circulation of blood and gases still occurs. These are all found in modern, living organisms. So saying everything came about by a freak accident is a bit ridiculous but it's perfectly plausible for things to have gradually changed in a way that was as beneficial as possible, as well as within reason.

Originally Posted by Marcie View Post
I don't really know how to describe it but you can just kinda feel His presence..
I apparently do not so is it possible that it's psychological in that you believe in him being there so much so that you perceive him to be there without having any of your sensory systems activated? This occurs to humans in many instances so it's not something I'm just conjuring up now.

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