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Default OK time to let loose

Im 16... im confused.

I dont know what to do, if you new me, you know that i am really confident lad who most people get along with. I am in love with football and its a major part of my life. I where normal clothes such as jeans shirts tops jogging bottoms etc etc etc!

Yet i think i may be different. STRAIGHT/GAY/BI?

Help me pleaseeeeeee! lol

Im not that bothered really, but it would be nice to know so that I can feel secure about myself in different situations. I get asked out by girls but feel :S I have feelings towards girls and masturbate over girls. Then i do the same to boys...! I like boys more. I find them more attractive, but only certain parts.

Is this a phase? Am i BI? the other night i snogged a girl i dont know how many times and it went a lil bit further. I felt normal. anyone else experienced this?

hope you can help

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