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Originally Posted by Death View Post
If you interpret the bible literally, than yes he would have done. But one thing that I'd like to ask is what do you mean when you say that you can feel his presense? What can you feel which isn't being felt by your senses responding to physical stimuli in your surroundungs?
Just looking at everything around you, how it all works together to replenish the atmosphere, and how complicated everything is, especially the human eye. There's no way all that was made by some freak accident.
I don't really know how to describe it but you can just kinda feel His presence..

Originally Posted by Death View Post
What you say about loving is correct, but that still doesn't refute the fact that God need not test us at all.
Maybe he just wants to know if we Love him or not. Even if we did start in Heaven, I'm not sure we'd all Love Him. It is said the during the "Millennium" though the world will be rid of the devil, thus no more evil and it would be perfect, and Jesus himself will be ruling, people sill still reject him.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
Why need you see the changes so much? There probably will be a change to some degree anyway. Personally, I think that the bible would be better off without said passages because there would be less to critisize it for; less things which will offend anyone with morals.
No matter what, something is going to offend someone.

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