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Default Re: Age question????

Originally Posted by habook3
Also, it is illegal for individuals under the age of 13 to participate in an open forum where the posts are not moderated beforehand without proper consent. COPPA at work for you. VT does not offer parents the opportunity to present their consent, thereby *supposedly* keeping out underage members. Members can, however lie about their age, unfortunately, as there is no way to verify it. They seem to, for some reason, believe that we will not enforce that law, so they willingly post their age without thinking about it, usually in a survey. We will then take the proper action, usually banning the account.
Not that I have any objections for it being for people aged 13+ I just want to point out that there are alot of loopholes in the COPPA and, as a rule I obkect to it. I mena, when I was eleven I was on Usenet and bahaved in an appropriate mannor. However looking at the eleven year olds at my school (it's 11-18 ) I do have my doubts... But, anyway, yeah. For this particular forum a 13+ rule is highly appropriate.
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