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Default It Feels Like Forever...

By Donnie

You're on a mountain, in Wyoming under the stars. You're sitting on a rock by a glowing campfire. It's chilly tonight, and you get closer and closer to the burning embers. You're wearing a cowboy hat and jeans with an beat-up old shirt and Jean jacket, cuddled with a light blanket. Your right side is warm and cozy, while your left side is exposed to the cold night. Shivering, you look around. You see assorted trees that are dark green and on the ground a bluish-glow from the moon over head. There is no civilization for miles in all directions. All you hear is the light wind, crackling of the fire and crickets chirping. The trees are laid out in a way to where your camp has a movie screen-like view over the sheep you're herding, sound asleep. You smell only the dew of the plants around you. You're stomach is satisfied after eating some meat of that antelope you killed earlier. You put your hands behind you and brace yourself on the rock while you tip back your head and take a deep, calm breath. You lift your head and are not startled by the sound of a horse coming towards you. You hear the horse stop and the leaves rustle a bit. You peek over your shoulder and see a man, handsome, with a cowboy hat and a old shirt, in jeans with a jacket. He walks with a slow pace towards the fire. He sits down on a similar rock and gazes at the fire. You look at him, and admire. You relax your hands between your legs and gaze at the campfire with him. You see him out of the corner of your eye looking at you but keep your relaxed look at the campfire. He lands his hand on your back and starts to rub in a circular motion. You look at him once more and see in his eyes that he is as relaxed as you are, and a smile that is so cool. He scoots onto your rock, keeping his hand on your back. He leans on you with hats touching. You look at the sheep and then slowly guide your heads to the beautiful night sky. Only 2 minutes passed.

^I posted that in the Brokeback Mountain thread in 4th wall.
I just wanted to put it in Creative Writing so it would be noticed more.

I've slacked off in school forever. Not once have I given it my all.
Then I wrote this. It felt amazing. I wrote this as I was typing my reply.
I just kept on typing and stopped only to think of a better word.
It did take me an hour, but it was worth it.

Please tell me what you think of it. I never edited it. I know it has it's flaws. Should I keep writing? I just don't know... :'(

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