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im not strong enough to do it myself,
i need someone to force me to go however much i sqy i dont want to i need them to say ure going

im not telling my parents because; they recently split up just before christmas
my mum is almosst nearly an alcoholic she drinks quie alot and i know if i told her about everything shed turn to drink
my dad wouldnt know what thel hell to do he lives in a world where although he knows things like this happen, it would never happen to him.
hes to blissfully unaware for it

basically i know that my pareents would be more of a hassle than a help

which i donmt need to add to it all.

i need someone who doesnt have to care to care and take the time to help parents are my parents so they have to care
i need someone who could just ignore it and it wudnt make any difference to take the time and help me out.

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18. Come back when you stop failing.
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