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Default Re: Post your desktop screenshot!

Originally Posted by pinkcar
can you use msn messenger on linux?
There are Instant Messenger clients for linux that allow you to connect to MSN messenger. Amsn, Gaim, Kopete, and others.

As for IE in Linux, it's possible, with Wine (Windows Emulator, basically) but not typically something you'd want to try.

I tried Avant and didn't like it. I like Firefox and Opera better. Granted Avant manages memory better then Firefox, but then again, Opera ties or beats Avant in Memory management, at least on my Desktop (In Windows XP).

Although, The Linux version of Firefox is better then the Windows version, it seems. And, the Opera version works wonderous. Konqueror is even good.

IE and IE-based things have annoyed me too much. Mainly with the spyware crap. And, some other things. But, Opera works really well. The Alpha Version of Firefox 2.0 is better on Memory management, so they seem to have fixed the one issue I had with firefox.

- Bill
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