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Originally Posted by Kiros72
yep... thaaaaats 1337 alright. making the desktop have a different theme...

hey Blahages, what program u used to do that? TuneUp? or did u jus crack the user kernel *.ocx files and type in the attributes needed in the config.inf?
What program did I use for... The theme in XP? (First Screenshot)

Nope. I'm too lazy to take the time to edit any files like that. Partly because I hadn't really thought about it. And, I THINK I know what you're talking about, but I'm not sure.

Do you mean editing XP's Kernel with a program like "Resource Hacker?" If so, I did edit Explorer.exe at one point in the past making some changes, but not recently. Not anything to do with the actual appearance though.

No, I just patched the UXTheme.dll file and installed the Longhorn Theme.

I shall download that "Tuneup" though, since it looks interesting. Too bad it's a Shareware version.

Oh, what config.inf are you talking about? I searched my HDD for it and it yielded no results.

- Bill
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