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Default ~*CH 2*~ for *untitled for now*

Hikaru got home and went immediately to her room. She didn't bother to see if her parents were home, she doubted they were... and didn't care otherwise.

Once in her room she logged onto her computer and opened the myspace webpage. There were no friends under her 'friends' list. There were no new messages or comments awaiting her. The only reason she had a myspace was to use the 'blog' for a journal. It was, in a way, more personal than a diary. She could very easy mark it as 'Private' and it would be un-viewable to the community.

Today at school actually wasn't half bad. I met someone. He's a new student. But not like the others. He complimented me... my eyes really. We have English together and we sit next to each other. He wouldn't stop talking, we basically were sharing our life stories! Likes//Dislikes and such. He's really cute. An inch or two taller than me, dark black hair... short. His eyes are this amazing blue with this neat swirl of purple. His build... athletic I suppose. His arms are huge! He looks like he could lift 200lbs easy! It's stupid to develop a crush because I know he'd never go for me. I mean... pfft, yeah my eyes are cool... but my hair is parted wierdly... my boobs *according to everyone* are too small, my face... don't even get me started. But to have him as a friend would be nice. I haven't had a friend in years. I know I know I will start to like him, but that's just the consequence I'll have to face.

She saved the entry and exited out of the screen. Just as she did, the phone rang.

"Hello?" Hikaru said into the reciever.

~other end~ "Hi, may I please speak with Hikaru?"

"Speaking." she wondered who could possibly want to talk to her.

~other end~ "It's Kitsuro." Hikaru's stomach did a flip. She had forgotten she had given him her number.

"Oh hi!"

~other end~ "I was wondering if you had a screen name?"

"As a matter of fact I do... it's *Amazed16*"

~other end~ "Ok, I will IM you... I would talk to you on the phone but my mom needs it so I'll talk to you in a sec on AIM, ok?"

"Sure! Bye."

~other end~ "Bye."

She immediately hung up the phone and signed into her AIM name. As soon as she did, she recieved an IM.

MrWonderful says: Hey, it's Kitsuro... what's up?

Amazed16 says: nm... u?

MrWonderful says: nothing really, my room is unpacked and my homework is done so i have free time on the comp

Amazed16 says: thats cool

MrWonderful says: so what r ur plans for this fine evening *sarcasm, seeing as it's raining*

Amazed16 says: lol... i wont be doin anything, prolly just sit here on the comp and surf the sites, talk 2 u until u have to leave.

MrWonderful says: unfortuneatly that won't be for too long 'cuz my parents and i have to run into town to do some shopping and stuff.

Amazed16 says: o ok...

MrWonderful says: i wish i could talk longer though. we talked a bit in english and you seem like a really cool person. i would definately like to get to know you more.

Amazed16 says: really? you too... you seem nice, funny too.

MrWonderful says: I do try

Amazed16 says: lol

MrWonderful says: what lunch do you have tomorrow?

Amazed16 says: B

MrWonderful says: so do i. do u mind if i sit with you again?

Amazed16 says: not at all... i'll be at the same table

MrWonderful says: ok, well i g2g... time to shop... YAY!!! *complete sarcasm*

Amazed16 says: alright... i'll ttyl or see you 2morrow

MrWonderful says: k bye

MrWonderful has signed off

Hikaru read and reread the conversation she just had. Was she reading correctly. Did he seem interested in ~her~?

~*Don't be stupid. He wouldn't like --you--. It's strictly a friend thing.*~ she told herself. And like always, she believed herself.
I plan on having a few more chappies, could someone merge the chapters for me so i don't take up space with too many threads?

*Every long lost road
led me to where you are
others who broke my heart
they were like northern stars
pointing me on my way
into your loving arms
this much i know is true
that God blessed the broken road
that led me straight to you.*
~*Rascal Flatts*~
(^^^^me and my b/f's song^^^^)

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