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Default *untitle for now* story

I feel creative now so i'm posting a story

Ch.1~ New Student
Hikaru sat alone reading *The Taking* by Dean Koontz. That's how it was everyday. Alone. Alone at breakfast. Alone in the halls. Alone at lunch. Alone in classes. Alone at dinner. And alone in her sleep.

Because she had been alone since she was five she really didn't let it effect her. Yes, it bothered her to see the many groups of happy people calling themselves friends, but... what was she to do? Making 'friends' isn't the easiest task... not when your Hikaru Miaki.

"Hey, is this seat taken?" Hikaru looked up from her page. A boy, five eight maybe, indicated to the spot across from her.

She shook her head. "No, you can sit." she said without emotion, and returned to her reading... until she could no longer stand the feeling of being watched.

Her eyes moved from the pages, to the eyes of her gazer... dark blue, a swirl of purple. "May I help you?" she asked rather rudely. He took no offense.

"Sorry... it's just, well has anyone told you that you have the most beautiful eyes?" she blushed.

Biting her lip, she returned the compliment. "I was actually just thinking the same about yours." Her words were barely audible.

"I mean really, they're... they're stunning. Blue... but yet grey. Like ice and storm clouds at the same time. It's hard to decide. And if you look just a little closer, you can see green etched throughout." it was his turn to blush. He turned away. "Sorry, I'm fasinated with people's eyes. It's the first thing I notice. And yours are just... incredible."

"Thank you. I... that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. I don't even know what to say back."

"Well, you could tell me your name." he suggested hopefully.

"Right! Hikaru, Hikaru Miaki."

"I'm Kitsuro Tanakira. I just moved here yesterday."

"Oh." she knew the drill. New students always talked to her, but after a week or so they joint some clique. This one would be no different. She didn't want to bother with someone that would just toss her aside in a few days, so she went back to reading.

The bell rang. She closed her book and stood up, Kitsuro followed.

"What class are you in now?" he asked matching her strides perfectly.

"English." she answered shortly.

"Really? That's where I'm going... by any chance is the teacher Mr. Temasuka?" Hikaru sighed.

"Actually yes." No doubt, since she sat alone, Mr. Temasuka would sit Kitsuro right next to her. She didn't mind to much though, he was rather cute.

I will post a new chapter later......... COMMENTS PLZ!!!!!!!

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