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I agree there is a cause for everything, however, you are assuming god made the religion. If that's the case, then the dictionary definitions of religion are wrong because all those apply to humans making a set of beliefs about explaining supernatural and other worldly events with reference to a divine being. Alternatively, you may be arguing that humans wouldn't have made religion if they knew god never existed. This presupposes there was at some point proof of god's existence that was not inferred. Debates have gone on about this point and it's ended up with both sides agreeing there is no direct proof. I'm giving this alternate explanation because your argument was a bit ambiguous, I wasn't sure which approach you were taking.
Actually, it was the sarcastic my point of view, I don't know why the hell you took it literally. And that's why it was blocking you for a while

Both Buddhism and Taoism are not religion, because they do not follow the teaching of a certain deity. Yet they are connected and pointed as a religion.

One thing should be understand by both of the sides. We cannot prove God exist because he doesn't exist and because he exist already. This is the basis of all debates in most of the places what we call forums and even symposiums.

Nevertheless............... it makes sense to obey.
Who obeys who? No body says obey a human, if you are to obey a person, let it be the law they passed in their land.

Someone? Since one a God a human being. For me, God is not a human being.
Is not a creature we can think of in our mind. You say god is an imagination played in the peoples mind, but I cannot imagine something that already doesn't exist.

But as far religion goes, as theist believes that there is a God.

Of course, I won't ask you to prove that God doesn't exist, it is impossible to prove something that already doesn't exist. But the existing God is not in our reach.

I am sure you wouldn't go against the laws that are passed in the land you are living.

You missed..........................into the mix.
Yeah, let say something to the symbology.

What is that? Seems like an atom to me, and those are the electron shells and electron clouds. Why? Is atheism connected to chemistry or physical law embedded in it? Who concocted in any way?

True, one is not necessarily need to believe in something to begin something else.

I am straightly talking about atheism and not agnosticism. Because I am what you call a monotheistic agnostic, while majority are atheistic agnostic.

+ Science is not a system of belief I agree. But as you said in your following words. It is an assortment along with atheism.
It's like....................does not require science.
But birthday cake? What is that? I think it is an edible food, other than that...

True, atheism was there before what human came into scientific discoveries.
Or the discovery of any branch of science itself.

Moving on.....................also.
String Theory? String Field theory, no?
Well, I haven't gone there it. I don't know which account you are referring, but yes I lack in that knowledge.

Continuing.................... haven't got a clue.
If they don't understand evolution then their systematics is diverted.
It is the Taxonomy that makes us understand evolution, sure organ change from one form to another in a specific timeline and other things I am not going to mention the causes. I am not getting any where am I? Sorry, I don't major in biology and haven't even started by 12th grade. So, some of things are limited.

Also, not atheism that support evolution, in fact the ones who induced the Idea of evolution and plunged it into the following century are the same ol' Islamic Scholars like Ibn Miskawayh, the Brethren of Purity, al-Khazini, Abū Rayhan al-Biruni, Nasir al-Din Tusi, and Ibn Khaldun. All of them.

And mainly Al-Jahiz and not Darwin the first thought of natural selection.

But thing is, they are Muslims and not atheists. Again, where am I going?

Lastly, this point is just a statement that makes no sense at all from you: evolution of organisms balanced the Earth's position. I don't know if atheists believe this but certainly it's not required and it certainly makes no sense coming from the scientific perspective
I think you perceived it wrong, what I said is that the balanced position of earth is what supported in the growth of organism. You are just me some where else.

I am done. I won't post anymore here, until you do make a real debate thread.

Yes, I am not good at debates. Who said I am.
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