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sorry to offend anyone...i believe that those that believe in god and heaven, need those things because they cannot confront the fact that when they die that there is a real possibility that their life was all for not, all that will be left over will be memories. the sad truth is, there is much more evidence for the scientific points of view than an eternal being. if you look at many of the new religions, such as Scientology, you will think what they are saying is insane. the Christians of the time of Christ sounded just as insane. the only reason they grabbed hold and became the dominant religion was because of their luck. because of Constantine and and the end of persecution of Christians, the religion flourished. not to mention the fact that the people of that time were vulnerable due to civil wars, economic hardships, and many other bad things that they were looking for a change, and the common belief back then was that the higher power gave you luck and prosperity and so forth. with the promise the Christians gave of all these benefits, plus the threat of fire and brimstone if you didn't go along with then, this lead to the explosion of Christianity. people wonder why God isn't as common as it used to is because people are learning and asking questions. science is debunking so many myths and legends of all religions, that it is no wonder why atheism and agnosticism is gaining ground. the only reason, i think, that agnosticism is so prominent is because the belief of a higher power has a strangle hold on our society. people are afraid that if they dont believe in a higher power, they might face the possibly of a hell, or discrimination from the rest of society. this can be attributed to the christian's belief that all other beliefs are wrong and that if you dont agree with them, then you die.
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