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Originally Posted by Dreamer - X View Post
If there aren't God, religion would've never even made. There are reason for the cause for everything.
I agree there is a cause for everything, however, you are assuming god made the religion. If that's the case, then the dictionary definitions of religion are wrong because all those apply to humans making a set of beliefs about explaining supernatural and other worldly events with reference to a divine being. Alternatively, you may be arguing that humans wouldn't have made religion if they knew god never existed. This presupposes there was at some point proof of god's existence that was not inferred. Debates have gone on about this point and it's ended up with both sides agreeing there is no direct proof. I'm giving this alternate explanation because your argument was a bit ambiguous, I wasn't sure which approach you were taking.

Nevertheless, one thing about religions, such as Christianity, is that even if the Christian god truly does not exist, the belief allows for people to be under control of one or more persons. Consider the bible when it makes reference to god. Perhaps it's a fairy-tale or perhaps it's an elite minority who are striving to successfully govern the majority and to obey them without question. If the people are dumb and if they're told someone is a god, and god does all this and that, wants this and that, it makes sense to obey.

Originally Posted by Dreamer - X View Post
Let me put my self in the foot of an Atheist.

Yeah, There is no God, obviously we are an evolved creatures from what came from even simple organism(a better term than creature in atheism)
And happened in the simple way, the balance of the earth position in this system.

The god is just a myth and evolved into many religion and blind faiths.

The big bang as a starter of the universe we see in the visible spectrum.
And not God, who made it in six days, because he doesn't exist.

What else....Did I missed something.

Yeah, I want to be an atheist or an agnostic. Just give me some pointers here man. What else, did I miss something yet?
You missed pretty much everything actually. No where in the belief in atheism or even agnosticism does it require one to believe in science (i.e. evolution, big bang, etc...). So from the start, you're wrong because you're saying otherwise. Just because the majority (I'm assuming the majority) believe in science, it does not mean that atheism requires believing in science. All it requires is the disbelief of gods and nothing more. Believing in science is completely separate despite it commonly being tossed into the mix.

It's like making a homemade birthday cake: you need a pan or dish of some sort to bake the cake in at home (disbelief of god) but you do not need to have candles on it for the birthday boy/girl (belief in science). In other words, making the cake doesn't require candles just as atheism does not require science.

Moving on, regarding the big bang, not all atheists believe it as there are alternatives, such as String Theory and M-theory involving theoretical physics. There is much support gaining in that area, so you're wrong on this count also.

Continuing, while many accept evolution, it's not needed and in fact, you'll find many atheists don't actually understand it. They support it but you ask them a bit and you realize they really haven't got a clue.

Lastly, this point is just a statement that makes no sense at all from you: evolution of organisms balanced the Earth's position. I don't know if atheists believe this but certainly it's not required and it certainly makes no sense coming from the scientific perspective.

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