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Originally Posted by Death View Post
So when I'm on the toilet, I'm shitting on God (no offense meant)? God is not a person or being?
Not quite what I meant... I meant more of his presence can be felt in everything, after all he did create it all. I think he is a being of some sort, though I don't think he is restricted to residing in only one form of existence. Meaning he could appear as anything he wanted to. Like he did to Moses, he appeared as a burning bush.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
Does that not seem harsh of God? Harsh to condemn people to torture simply for not following him? I'm sorry, but if I were God, I would want everyone to be happy and so I would just let everyone be in Heaven where there would be no need to test people because there would be no wrong-doing. People could show their love to me there.
It's easy to Love when all is perfect around you. It's much more difficult to Love when you face challenges, the likes of which you will not ever face in Heaven. Also, there's the whole thing in the beginning with Adam and Eve.. Before that we did basically start out in Heaven.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
True, but it could still have done with some edits, I think.

There will probably be some truth, yes, but that doesn't refute that fact that it still has a lot of scriptures which I am quite simply shocked by - unlike the new testament.
While that may be true, if you omitted those things, then you wouldn't be able to see the changes that transpired after Jesus' coming as well as you could with those sections in the OT.

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