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Default Re: Climax COntrol Condoms

Originally Posted by TeenInNeed
how will she know when you've climaxed because you'll be wearing the condom during intercourse there is no way she would be able to see when you've climaxed
There are other signs, besides semen shooting out of his penis, that indicates when a guys comes

The chances are, the girl (or guy) will know when he has had an orgasm regardless of whether or not there is a condom ...(and trying not to get too far off topic but...whether or not using condoms should ALWAYS use protection.
Unless both partners have been tested for stds, have not had ANY kind of sex with anyone else since their tests...are in a commited relationship together i.e. are not sleeping around or arent planning on sleeping around...then...and only then it is "safe" to go ahead without protection -however, hetero couple have the whole pregnancy thing to think about aswell ...but i wont go into sure youve heard enough... ill shut up now ...but make sure you use protection!!!)

Oh and in answer to the original question, sorry I have no idea whether they work because I dont have a penis

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