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I dont think this should be locked.
As someone quoted the rule: nobody on this forum can give instructions on how to preform sexual intercorse

He isnt asking for instructions on how to perform sexual intercourse.
Because, going by his post and the fact that he has admitted to having sex with his girlfriend, he already knows how.

He is asking about giving his girlfriend an orgasm.
Which can be done by masterbating...
And if there was a rule against talking about masterbating and having orgasms then...well...the puberty forum would be empty

Just because a post mentions the word "sex" doesnt mean that the poster wants a description of how to do it, or how anyone else has done it.
Sex is a part of life, its part of growing up (and no, i dont mean that we all grow up having sex, I jsut mean, we come into contact with it and a whole bunch of issues surrounding it as we grow up).

So as I said, I really dont think this needs to be locked because it clearly isnt breaking any rules

...does your girlfriend masterbate on her own Brett?
Has she ever given herself an orgasm?
You could tell her to go to www.********.com (you might also want to have a look there youself? if you havent already)
I think that once she knows whats best for her, it makes it a whole lot easier for her to guide other people into doing what works.

From the top of my head, around 70% of girls dont have orgasms from vaginal penetration alone, so she is definately not the only one!
But do not dismay!...the clitoris is here to help!! hehe! It is the most sensitive part down there! suggest focusing your attention on there...just tell her to up slowly towards it...very VERY lightly ( -but not too lightly ...if youre unsure, jsut ask her!) can vary your movements if you want...tease her...but make sure you always keep your focus on that lovely spot...and then...mmmh...*loses concentration*...i mean ....have fun! hehe!

Sorry if this is too graphic! Feel free to edit my post if you think so, I dont know if there are any rules about that?

Anyway, I hope everything works out Brett!
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