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Default Re: "friendship" to "relationship"??.....advice please

Originally Posted by LIsailer19
sry this is long............there's a girl that i like, although she has no idea that i like her. she and i have been good (almost best) friends for years, and we get along great, but now i want to be more then just friends. my question is does anyone have any advice about turning a "friendship" into a "relationship" without risking or hurting our friendship?......also, i'm not the most attractive person (a little overweight), so would that be a factor in this? also a pretty shy with stuff like this, so how should i approach the situation without embarassing myself?
If you really like her and you want things to go further then you need to talk to her and tell her how you feel. (easier said than done, I know!)
Be sure about how you really feel, because ( although in my opinion, if a friedship falls at something like this, then it probably wasnt worth it anyway) it can change things for the better aswell as for the worse.

I dont know how often you see her so you probably have some idea of when you can talk to her could pass her a note in class saying you want to talk, or jsut pull her aside so you cant talk to her alone etc..
I wouldnt suggest asking her out at first, but it is entirely your decision. I just think it might be an idea to explain to her how you feel and ask her how she feels, if she feels the same or if she just sees you as a friend, or if she hasnt thought about it and wants some time to think.

Be prepared for any reaction from her though. In an ideal world she would turn around to you and confess her undying love for you and finally admit her dreams about growing up with you, having three beautiful children and (of course) live happily ever after...umm...ok, that probably wouldnt be an ideal world...that would be more of a omg-im-a-stalker world
ANYway ...I jsut mean that, she could react in a whole range of different ways depending on whether she likes you aswell, or whether she jsut sees you as a friend. You said yourself that she has no idea that you like her, so its likely that it will surprise her...
I dont know how well you know her other friends, but if you are friendly with them, then you could always ask for their help?
We dont know the situation as well as they do, so they may be able to help you slightly more.

Wow, sorry about the loooooong post
I really hope things go well for you LIsailer19 and for you aswell ***JG***!

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