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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Indeed, but you could still believe that you know what he is. You don't have to, but personally, I'd want to know exactly what I believe. it doesn't really matter though.
I do know exactly what I believe, I just don't really know what kind of being he is. Actually, I'm pretty sure he's everything lol

Originally Posted by Death View Post
But that's the thing. If there's no wrong in Heaven, we don't need to be tested, because we will only be doing good in Heaven, since there is no wrong, right?
Maybe it's more of a earning out way into Heaven kind of thing.. He wants us to show that we love him and are willing to do anything for him, before he lets us live forever with him in Heaven. For those who don't Love him, they don't get to live with him, they get to live with the Devil..

Originally Posted by Death View Post
True enough, but the bible still says it, nonetheless. What they should have done is removed the old testament from the bible when the new one came. The fact that it still remains shows that Christians (even if only a handful) believed that it had truth and worth (which moral logic contradicts).
If they omitted the old testament so many great teachings, poems, and songs would be lost. Like the Ten Commandments, and Psalms. Not to mention it tells of the very beginning and how that happened.It does have truth and worth.

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