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Default Re: i have no point, no meaning, no purpose... i am worthless

man this is kinda old but i would still love to chime in. Dude i know the exact bulshit your going through, I mean exactly maybe not with ur dad or brother but with ur mom and being rejected for being smart. Nothing I do is good enough for my dad, my dad says the same thing as your mom. These grades are good y cant u have a 99 in math instead of an 82 if u can get it in english u can get it in math too. I swear nothings good enough and he buys me stuff to ground me from it. All he ever does is piss and moan. At school im rejected because people think im smart, its not even that im smart though i just have common sense.... I kind of push people away with my mood swings because im going through puberty... people reject me because when they say something i dislike i go off... I'm just a person that wishes to b isolated i dont want to finish school i dont want to try hard i dont want to do anything anymore. I just want someone to kill me. I've tried suffocating, drownding and anything i can do besides slitting my wrists and hanging to commit suicide from all the shit i recieve in my life.


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