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Originally Posted by TeenInNeed
people are trying to help maybe you should try replying back it just seems a little rude to me but thats me this does seem like spam but please reply to our comments because we'd like to further help.
No, it's not spam.
His first post was yesterday, his first post went in this thread, and his last activity was yesterday. Please give it a week or so to give the other person a chance to respond. They could be piled up with homework or something.

Also, could I ask some people to use punctuation (, . : ; ' ") in their posts? Sometimes it's a bit hard to read it. At least use triple dots and go from there. Yours was understandable but I would like to say that to some new members.

Lastly, *cough koler you make it hard to argue with you you just seem so stuck up cough*

~Zack heh
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