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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Sarcasm to the maximum of the levels.

So homosexuals or transvestites or whatever should be killed? This isn't evil? You should flood the world when they don't follow you? This isn't evil? Sounds sadistic to me.
Actually, what we call them the 3rd sex is not condemned. But yes, homosexual got killed, the people of Sodom; they disobeyed. The story of the flood is another whole story, get your resources right and don't intertwine the stories there now.

As a point to be made in a debate. Simple as that.
I don't get you. Simple as that.

It is also where people debate them as I've seen before. It appears to me that you don't like having your arguments contradicted.
BUWAHAHAH!! Contradicted....Jeez. You make me laugh, I remember an atheist in another forum made a thread and named it Psalm-14. And he only talked the same ever thing. Is how a loving, caring God is evil.

God is not caring and loving and just, no one else but him that forgives and the most merciful. Yes, I am sure you are saying, he is not real and blah blah blah.

What else? If he is not real, there is no God. What else? What's beyond the God? What's beyond the unreal?

If there aren't God, religion would've never even made. There are reason for the cause for everything.

Same ol' Stephen Hawkins pointed on some of the creation Myth(The vomiting Mbombo) And he concluded that all religions are based from the same source of creation myth, but as our case it also developed and evolved by the passing years.

But in this way, aren't you denying Jesus? What's your point of view on Jesus, hm?


Let me put my self in the foot of an Atheist.

Yeah, There is no God, obviously we are an evolved creatures from what came from even simple organism(a better term than creature in atheism)
And happened in the simple way, the balance of the earth position in this system.

The god is just a myth and evolved into many religion and blind faiths.

The big bang as a starter of the universe we see in the visible spectrum.
And not God, who made it in six days, because he doesn't exist.

What else....Did I missed something.

Yeah, I want to be an atheist or an agnostic. Just give me some pointers here man. What else, did I miss something yet?
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