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Default Shoot....Hacked.

i think i was hacked. on 5-4-06 i was downloading the naruto anime series and then it happen. i got this new antivirus called spyfalcon which i didn't even heard of or download. then when i went to internet explorer, i was at the spyfalcon's website and it had all my information including my IP adress. then at netscape my homepage became a porn site. at the bottom right there's a pop up that says "your computer is infested!" then it was doing a scan and says i have over 20 spyware. i know i don't have any spyware thanks to Zonealarm. after i just saw that, i immediately brought my computer to Comp-USA and asked them for reformat. damn it costed me 119.99! i had the 3 disk and it tooked them one day. i should've done the reformat myself.. now i know... Bit Torrent Files are dangerous and also going to porn sites.
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