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Unhappy acne/spots

i have noticed a lot of people are asking questions abot acne and spots.
i have never had acne and i have done lots ofthings to avoid it.
heres what i have done:
*drink AT LEAST 2 litres of water per day - this clears out the skin
* put cream on my face everynight b4 i go to bed
* wash ur face at least twice per day, more if it is hot
* i put a small blob of toothpaste on spots. this drys out the skin and spot, causing it 2 drop of. ive only done this once though and u should b careful because some toothpastes contain substances harmful to ur skin

that what i have done 2 avoid acne. if u have any other tips, post them here! sign da guestbook! JOIN THE CLUB!!!

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