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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Please don't even go there. You know that your cousin exists because your father has seen him in the past and have passed on his knowledge to you. No-one in their right mind has seen or heard God, ever. Sorry for being so blunt, but that argument seems so archaic.
So, Moses and Mohammed lier, and Jesus never existed? Oh! Right! I forget! They are schizophrenic and crazy old pedos!! My Bad! I am sorry, please! Forgive my ignorance Oh! great lord!

Originally Posted by Death View Post
And yet in the bible, you see so much evil from God in the old testament. BTW, please don't ask for evidence since I've already provided it earlier.
Evil =/= Anger, not the same thing. We know what God did to the people. It is not evil, it is punishment to what ever thing they did.

Take Sodom for example, why on earth did God destroyed it, they disobeyed God's order, no?

If you, disobey your boss's order, you think you can go away with it? Assuming that boss really have bad temperament.

Yes, one of God's qualities is his anger.


You don't believe in God, why in earth you are pointing on why God did what he did in the old testament?

You want to proves something? Ok, make another thread if you please. This thread is to share people their own religious views of their current faith.
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