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your 13 years old.
you have an entire life in front of you.
what if you label yourself right now today.
and then at 20 you reolize you arent gay.
that this was just a wild experiment.
and you have told everyone your gay.
that would be pretty akward.

sexuality is about love and connection *i have said this so many times now*
have you ever been in love?
if you have then you know the feeling.
loveing, and having crushes etc.
have you ever had a crush on a guy?
have you ever fallen in love with a guy?

think about what sexuailty really is.
what it really means to be gay.
is it all for the sex?
is there love involved?

let me help you.
that relationship, that connection, that love and lust you may have felt for a girl.
if you can feel that same for a guy, then you allready have your answer.

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