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Just don't give him what you have xD
Anyways, I looked up green liquid using Google, and have found some intresting things, and some things that just repeat. Some things are on another forum based website's archives, and it's about family guy..
Then another place, and it told me to go and register for something, 30 days free (!) to just view the topic. Then the ever-so-popular "make your penis bigger today!".
Then it got serious. I read about an STD known as Gonorrhoea. Gonorrhoea is an infection that goes up into the penis and stays there. It causes green/yellow fluid and pus to come out, and there is usually pain when urinating. It can travel down the tubes into your testes, and can cause infertility. NOW HOLD ON, DON"T FREAK OUT!! It's highly unlikely that you have an STD. You said it doesn't hurt, and I think you would mention if it hurt at any time. Also you said it was really green, not yellow. Still, see the doctor. And once again, when you find out what it is, let us know. K?
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