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Default Re: Premature Ejaculation

Originally Posted by itsbs2
I have just begun expericencing oreal sex, and intercourse, and i ejaculate very quicky, like between 30 secons and 1 minute. I have been reading a lot about premautre ejaculation, and have tried a few things, like making my own cock ring (rubber band), and nothing seems to work. Are there any types of excercises that i could do to help me learn how to prolong my ejaculations? This is very embarassing to talk about with my GF, and because of this problem, i have been trying to aviod sex and oral.
if you have actually already had oral sex or anything or your just fantasizing if you think about it your gf has probably never tasted cum so she might like that you cum very early, also make sure to wear a condom please that will make it hard for your gf to tell... wear a colored one and since youll be inside her she can't see when you've ejaculated so dont worry to much, and if you shoot fast during masturbation try slowing down a bit during masturbation and see how long it takes.


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