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Default Re: Hiv/Aids Questions....

I'm sorry, this really isn't about puberty Then again, we don't have any place to post this in the site really...hmm *ponders*
I'll answer your questions anyway.

1)Which Gender and Sexual Orientation is more at risk of getting HIV/AIDS? Most likely in gay men, because unportected anal sex is a sure-fire way.

2)Where did this all start? Some think it might be from comet dust or something...Awful illigal aliens!

3)Why is it a rising epedemic? Sex is fun, and people like to do it ALOT. Unprotected sex is the leading transfer of HIV/AIDS

4)Will a cure ever be found? I read in the Advocate news magazine for the GLBT community that there is this cocktail (lol). It is said to cure it for some, and I'll grab that issue a bit later...

5)What are scientist doing to help? I think they're doing all they can, trying to find cures while trying to treat some people in Africa and porvide them with food ect.

6)How can you get HIV/AIDS? Sexual intercorse and transfer of blood. Always use a condom (but I think it's ok if you're married and no ones cheating) If someone else has a cut, always use gloves. Never get near a stranger's blood. If you have some blood on you that isn't yours, then do not touch your eyes, mouth, or any exposed spots. The best thing to do is to wash it off imidiately!

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