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Ok... there is a solution to this.
Getting close to her is great, but you need in with her friends, make your self seem like you have higher value. Show you are the alpha male of the group of other guys, be the more interesting, cooler guy. Girls want interesting and new, remember that, and they get hit on A LOT and they hear A LOT of bullshit. You need to come new, fresh, be that one guy who makes her go, "Wow, this guy's interesting".

Remember, if you try to hard to actually hook up with her, you'll fail. If you don't try enough, you'll fail. Just show you're the stronger, smarter, more interesting one. Be the Alpha. Don't do cliche, cliche is bad, she's seen cliche before. Be sure to just keep increasing your value, make it seem like you're into her group of friends, make sure you make her think like she is NOT in power. If she thinks she's the goddess here, you're not going to get far because then she'll pick and choose, you need to be the Alpha as I said, the one all the females want to mate with.

There is a much more in depth analysis... but I can't share it all due to the fact that it must remain a secret.

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