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Originally Posted by basketballkid92
You're not challenging my opinion. Your trying to tell me that I shouldn;t have one. To let you know, i'm in 8th grade, and 4 teachers recomended me for high schooll debate. You are being mean and inconsiderate.
Thats just kolte
ignore him
he's an ass to everybody

Oh and to clear it up my basketball friend communism dosent mean fair
you know it doesn't so don't let him push you into saying it does
communism means ur a slave
you do exactly what the government wants
exactly when it wants it
it gives you exactly what it wants to
exactly when it wants to give you it
if you resist then your takin away during the middle of the night by secret police and new people are given your home

kolte i find it fuckin hillarious that in the WPR your yelling at us because a lil self inflicted scratch on the arm is discracing the thousands that died for our countries
and here you are
defending communism
your pathedic

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