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Default Thanks for the help

Thanks to everyone for the help on the converter

here's the finished 2nd music video edited with adobe premiere and formatted to .wmv

in the end it sounds like im hitting a splash cymbals but im going down the toms, what you cant see is my temporary splash trigger pedal next to my bass

my splash cymbal comes in soon...ships out on the 15th they are saying will be a full hour of converting that to electric for the kit then all i have to do it plug it in and program it to the kits.

easy at pie......mmmmmmmm pie

im still using a 20 year old cam from my dad so i have to get a new one or something...will be better for the video,

my 3rd video is already in editing stages, i recorded it with a friends cam so it will be allot clearer and ill even edit in 2 shots for the overall view and one for the double bass pedal parts.

the song will be MIA by Avenged Sevenfold

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